FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are commonly asked questions, if your question is not answered please contact us via admin@sdkperformance.ca 


What are Performance Chips and Tunes? 

Performance chips, are aftermarket chips that adjust the parameters to increase engine power and torque. More horsepower means more fun! 

Is there a difference between SDK Custom tunes and the Factory TS/Hydra/SCTx4 Tunes? 

Yes, there is a very large difference between SDK Tunes and TS factory Tunes; TS Tuning has not updated their chips since 2006. Although HP output may be the same, smoke output is decreased, idle quality is significantly increased, smoothness, shifting and overall "drivability" is updated. Technology and experience has changed a lot in 10yrs, shouldn't your tune?

Why do you not sell or tune TS chips anymore?

We were having too many quality control issues. We decided we wanted to associate our brand with different products. So we decided to switch to the hydra platform due to less issues and better customer service and are currently offering the Hydra Tuners and our custom tunes on our website. We also are to offer SCT's in the near future. If you are interested in purchasing a Hydra and tunes we can most certainly get you all set up to go on that. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience, we strive to provide the best products and services to our customers. 

What makes SDK Performances’s Tunes so Special? 

Dan Kropinak, co-owner of SDK Performance, has been working on and modifying Powerstroke diesels for over a decade, and has over 4 years experience tuning. With his personal truck currently holding the record for highest horsepower for a Huei 7.3 powerstroke on a chassis dyno at 1253.7hp and 2269.1 torque, he had to learn and master these skills as there was no local support during his build. There are many tunes out there so Dan thinks of it as asking someone what kind of beer do you drink? Everyone has their own taste, some people like Budweiser and some like Guinness. Whatever your preference is we will try our best to please and adapt to your needs, but maybe we sell craft beer and that's not your thing. 

Are the Tunes you provide canned or custom? 

Canned tunes are generic cookie cutter tunes if it works on one truck it will work on a thousand.  

The tunes provided by SDK Performance are 100% custom. We have used our years of experience to create tunes that will get the most out of your truck. With customer requests these tunes can be tweaked and modified to your specific liking. There are tunes that we provide that will be basic across all models/years like our high idle/3in1 but those can be changed as per customer request.

Do our tunes adjust the transmission or shift points? 

Yes, all of our driving tunes include modified shift points to firm up all shifts along with lock up is changed to accommodate more power. All of this can be changed to a customer's preference. 

How does the 3in1 tune work? 

When the truck is in the off position and the 3in1 tune is selected it will act as a no start feature, this is added security. In the truck still in the off position, click over 1 tune and start the truck; once running you can switch back to your 3in1 position and it will begin to High Idle. The truck will high idle until it reaches 140 degrees and then it will kick down and turn into your "stock" tune. **Please note; this tune does not work on OBS trucks, or 99 Manuals**

How does the Whisper tune work? 

Whisper mode was a tune developed to quite the truck down for drive throughs. When selecting the operation of the whisper tune drops ICP, retards the timing and decreases the idle making the truck much quieter. **Please do not start the truck, or use while under operating temperature**


What information do I need when ordering Tunes? 

In order to ensure that you get the exact product you need/want; We require some easy information from you during the order process. First you need to determine if your truck is Stock or Modified. Ask yourself have you upgraded your Injector and Nozzle Size, Turbocharger, HPOP System, Fuel System, Transmission & Valve Body Modifications, or made any other major mechanical modifications. If so you will need  purchase Tunes for Modified Trucks. If you have not then the Tunes for stock trucks will do just fine. Then the following information Will need to be filled out. 

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Shipping address:
PCM Code:
Select: Auto or Manual Transmission
Tire Size:
Hydra Hex code and serial number (Hydra owners only):

If your truck is not stock please specify which and what you have upgraded:
Injector and Nozzle Size:
HPOP System:
Fuel System:
Transmission & Valve Body Modifications:
Other Modifications:


 How long will it take for me to get my Tunes? 

Because tunes are a emailed file they do not need to be shipped. Depending on the volume of orders and work being done in our shop on trucks it takes anywhere from 1 to 3 business days. Please note if the order is received out side of business hours it will not be started until the following business day. 


Ordering a new Hydra Chip with Custom tunes?

If you do not have a performance chip in your truck already, you will need to get one. At SDK Performance we highly recommend the Hydra, as it operates smoothly and efficiently. When making the decision to purchase you simple need to ask yourself have you upgraded your Injector and Nozzle Size, Turbocharger, HPOP System, Fuel System, Transmission & Valve Body Modifications, or made any other major mechanical modifications. If so you will need to purchase Hydra for Modified Trucks. If you have not then the Hydra for stock trucks will do just fine. 


Why is there a difference between Stock and Modified Chips/Tunes? 

Just as there is a difference between a base model truck and something that has all the added options, the prices are different. A modified truck is more complicated there are more parts that affect the way it runs, therefore the technology behind the tunes needs to be more advanced and specific. 


What if my truck is stock now but I plan on installing new injectors or other modifications in the future?

Depending on when you are planning on doing the modifications you can still get what you need. 

              For example, if you want to have the tuner and tunes right away and own a stock truck but aren't sure when you will be doing upgrades, order the stock option. This way when you decide to upgrade all you have to do is pay a re-tuning fee.
              If you have a stock truck and will be installing your injectors within 30 days of your Hydra purchase, order the modified option, you can run a set of stock tunes until you put the injectors in and then get your tunes revised within the 30 day period.

What is a PCM/Hex Code and why do you need it? 

A power-train control module, abbreviated PCM, is a 4 Digit code found on the PCM example: PMT1 which tells us which hex code to use example VRAA6, then I can write your tunes off of that base file for that definition. 


Providing the PCM code takes out the guesswork and ensures that you get the right codes. There are dozens of PCM's and with minimal information we can only make an educated guess of the most common code and write your tunes based on that, which means you might not get the most accurate results. If the PCM code is not provided and the tunes end up not working properly, there will be an additional charge to re-write. 

How do I find my PCM code?

To be able to find and provide your PCM code, you will have to remove the PCM from the truck. This is located at the drivers foot, behind the parking brake pedal. You will have to undo the electrical plug from the engine bay side and slide the PCM out from inside. The code is facing the firewall which is why removal is required. 

My question was not answered in the section above what do I do?

If you are still unclear about what you need or want please contact us via email at admin@sdkperformance.ca 

Please provide the following in your email: 

Full Name:
Contact Phone Number:
Full description of the services/questions you require: (more information the better)

This not only allows us to better answer your question but also helps with quality control. Majority of the time the questions asked require one of our mechanics to answer them, by emailing this give us a saved record of communication, to better assist you. If the guys have all your info saved they can spend their valuable time working on your vehicle and  less time asking and answering the same questions already discussed over the phone. Everyone's time is valuable and this just makes sure you get your money's worth and makes everybody HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!