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With SDK Performance Tune's you can get the most out of your 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel. We offer lots of customization and tunes tailored to what you are looking to get out of your truck.

Below is a list of all the available tunes that we can quickly program into your pre-existing Hydra Tuner Chip. You can pick up to 6 different selectable on-the-fly tunes that will be loaded onto your chip.

**Revisions free for 30 days


Please note that all tunes are PCM specific and some of them won't allow certain tunes

Whisper mode

Quiets the truck down for going through the drive-thru. On PCM codes that allow it, this can now be used as a no start option. **Note: Do not use until the truck is warmed to operating temperature**

Designated High Idle

Customers can choose what RPM they would like this set at. The most common is 1100RPM but this is variable between 900-1500RPM. We offer a split High Idle so when cold it will only idle at the selected RPM until warm, once it reaches operating temperature it can bump up 200-400RPM to run a PTO, welder, winch, etc.

EOT Kick

Allows high idle to engage after time-based value (chosen by the customer) and once the computer sees brake pedal input it kicks down to normal idle and can be driven. 

3in1 Tune

High idle to set rpm until it reaches 140* then it becomes your stock file (or any file you choose). For the Superduty models, there is a 3in1 tune, that when off and that position is selected it won't start. However start the truck in the other positions and flip back into it the tune becomes your high idle till it reaches 140*, then it's your stock tune. **This Tune is for select PCM codes only, Please check the FAQ to see if this tune will work with your truck**

Valet Tune

Limit  vehicle speed and RPM's

"Dead Pedal" Tune

When this position is selected, your truck will start and idle as normal, but the throttle pedal will have no input until another position is selected

Various Tow Tunes

Heavy Tow

Low-end fuel increase with extended shift points for max capacity towing 


SDK Performances most common tow file for do it all tow duty. An increase in power on the low end all the way through the mid-range combined with extended shifting and lock-up strategies make this a good option for near any size load 

Light Tow

Intended for smaller trailers and light loads like pulling your flat deck and a small car. Similar shifting as the Tow file with increased top-end fueling.


Written specifically for light loads. Where a slightly extended shift point is needed with similar fueling to a daily file. Works best for sled decks and quads or a full box.

Economy/Daily Duty Tunes

DailyReduced - The mildest of daily files, best suited for fuel economy with added pep.

Daily - Very linear power curve, smooth shifting with enough top-end fuel to have fun with, all while keeping smoke to a minimum.

StealthBomber - A Jekyll and Hyde version of the Daily file.  Exactly the same tune with a late fuel curve to have a good amount more kick on the top end.

Performance/Hot Tune

RoidRager - Specifically written for the manual trans guys. This performance tune uses the MAP sensor to limit low-end fueling. Drives very similar to a stock file until you put the throttle down where it becomes one under a race file.

StreetRocker - The StreetRocker was created with driveability in mind. Good low-end response with excellent midrange and top-end power.

HippieKiller - SDK Performances flagship Race file. No explanation needed 

ZombieKiller - In case HippieKiller wasn’t enough. A more aggressive curve is available. Best suited for Dyno or Nitrous use.

SledRocker - All the fuel you could ask for to keep that turbine wheel spinning with custom shift/lockup strategies for the Sled.

Custom Drag/Pull/Specific Tunes

Tailored drag and/or pull tunes can also be done to customer specifications on shifting and lockup. If requested, higher rpm and extra fuel can also be added.

Show Tunes

ZombieLope - Exactly as it sounds. Aggressive low-end fueling with hard sharp lope.